Best Time To Visit Ramgarh

With the weather in Ramgarh pleasant throughout the year and every season having its own special charm, it is hard to pick one season as THE BEST TIME to visit Ramgarh. While the place is an ideal getaway from the scorching summers of the plains, winters provide an opportunity to put on your snow gear and see a different shade of the valley – literally.

Spring & Autumn are received in a particular gorgeous manner by the plethora of flora of this region, making drives around the place wallpaper worthy.

Weather in Ramgarh

Summers: April to June

With temperatures ranging between 15°C - 25°C., summers are regarded as the best time to visit the town and bust the inevitable heat wave that engulfs North India during these months.


Monsoons: July to September

Monsoons are perhaps the only month where caution on the roads is recommended but the flipside of that caution means a near-complete offseason -  which is a perk most travellers find hard to get across the Himalayas.


Winters: October to March

The Winters can get quite cold with the average temperature ranging from 5 to 10 degrees while the peak winter sees the temperatures even drop to a sub-zero.


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