Mussoorie Travel Guide

If the stories of one of the town’s most noted residents, the great Ruskin Bond, haven't created enough of an appetite to visit this hill-top town, then we’re guessing the numerous eateries along its famous Mall Road most certainly will.

Located 35 km from Uttarakhand’s state capital of Dehradun, Mussoorie, home to the aptly called ‘Happy Valley’ is one of the most popular Hill stations not just in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, or the Himalayas, but in all of India.

Below, in this travel guide for Mussoorie, we cover a range of subjects, from places to see to places to stay, from travel tips to the best time to visit the place. Happy Unbounding.



Owing to its natural beauty and proximity to the plains, Mussoorie’s historical significance dates back to the 19th century with the station coming to prominence during the British Raj. Founded by Lt. Frederick Young of the East India Company who also raised the first of the famed Gurkha Regiment of the Army, Mussorie was also the intended terminus of the Great Trigonometric Survey of India, led by George Everest.


Home to India’s first brewery, built in 1850, Mussoorie was also the first place where the 14th Dalai Lama took exile in what is now called the Happy Valley, often referred to as mini-tibet, playing host to over 5000 tibetan refugees.


Places of Interest & Things to do

Happy Valley

While the origins of the name for this Valley are largely unknown, located 2.5 km from the Library Point, the valley is best known for the Tibetan monastery that was established in 1959 when the 14th Dalai Lama took exile in Mussoorie. Whether it is shopping at one of the many Tibetan shops or gorging on tingmo or momos at Tibetan eateries, the place is vibrant and enchanting pretty much all year round. The chief USP however are the views of the surrounding valley and the 2014-inaugurated Golden Buddha statue.

Travel Tips


Accessibility & How To Get There

Recommended Mode of Transport:

Self-Drive. Distance from Delhi – 290 km

The town has one of the best connectivity in terms of rail and airway network with stations located around Dehradun.

- Nearest Railway Station – Dehradun – 34 km

- Nearest Airport - Dehradun – 60 km


Where to Stay

Being one of the oldest and most popular hill stations in North India, Mussoorie is blessed with a plethora of options for all kinds of travellers. From families to corporate groups, from solo travellers to couples. 

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The town is located 35 km north of Dehradun in the lower reaches of the Garhwal range of the Himalayas and barely 84 km from the religiously significant city of Haridwar.


Recommended Mode of Transport: Self-Drive.

- Distance from Delhi – 290 km

- Nearest Railway Station – Dehradun – 34 km

- Nearest Airport - Dehradun – 60 km

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