Places To Visit & Things To Do in Mussoorie

Sunset Points, Mall Road, Hill Tops and more. There are plenty of places in Mussoorie and places to visit near Mussoorie but what ee have complied below are the best places to visit in Mussoorie.

Things to do, places to see, experiences to indulge in, everything comes in good large sizes in the erstwhile British hill station. With the town an old home to the Tibetan community, many of whom have stayed back and made a prominent establishment,  the station has plenty of splendour and a variety of indulgences to offer travellers. 

Happy Valley

While the origins of the name for this Valley are largely unknown, located 2.5 km from the Library Point, the valley is best known for the Tibetan monastery that was established in 1959 when the 14th Dalai Lama took exile in Mussoorie. Whether it is shopping at one of the many Tibetan shops or gorging on tingmo or momos at Tibetan eateries, the place is vibrant and enchanting pretty much all year round. The chief USP however are the views of the surrounding valley and the 2014-inaugurated Golden Buddha statue.

The Camel's Back

The oddly-named landmark is one of the more popular trails around the region known for scenic & serene views away from the bustling mall road. Extending from the Library Point to the Kulri Bazar, the winding 3 km stretch is frequented for morning and evening strolls. The name of the road comes from the shape of rock right along the route, resembling the hump of a camel’s back. An old 19th-century British cemetery can also be seen along its path as are several telescopes and binoculars, placed by locals to further enhance the viewing experience. Among all other aspects, the place’s USP comes from the stunning Sunset Point, said to be the best vantage point to see the daily event unfold.

The Everest House

Other than the sheer history associated with the erstwhile home of the former Surveyor General of India, George Everest, the place is a visual delight as well. Located 6 km from the Library Chowk, the hill-top residential structure, which also includes an old observatory, provides an unobstructed view of the Doon valley on one side and snow-capped peaks on the other. While the house is accessible by motorable roads via Haathi Paon, trekking to the summit is a highly recommended means to get there.

Kempty Falls

The etymology of the name of this beautiful set of cascading waterfalls, is enough to describe what it is best known for – Camp & Tea! The sight of water falling off 40 feet into five different channels makes for an ideal joy hub between the Mussoorie – Dehradun highway, some 13 km from Mussoorie.

Food Trails

@ The Mall Road 

When in Mussoorie, food trails ought to be on your to do (or rather eat) list. From tummy pleasing Tibetan food around mini-tibet, to the humble street food of Char Dukan near Landor. From Bakeries to Cafes, the place is a delight for people who travel for food! Unbound Pick –Kalsang Friends Corner for authentic tibetan food.


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