Places To Visit & Things To Do in Ramgarh - Nainital

Mountain tops, sunset points, birding tours, and treks aplenty. There are plenty of places to visit in Ramgarh and places to see near Ramgarh but what we have complied below are the best places to visit in Ramgarh along with things to do near Nainital.


Things to do, places to see, experiences to indulge in, everything comes in good large sizes in the town known as the fruit bowl of Kumaon. With the town an old home to Rabindranath Tagore and many other famous authors and artists, the station has plenty of heritage as well as splendour, and a variety of indulgences to offer travellers. 

Tagore Top

Perched at an altitude of almost 8,200 feet in Malla (Upper) Ramgarh lies an old cottage known to have served abode to the great Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. While records, locals and the internet say that the writer stayed here only for a few months in 1903, he is said to have composed parts of his famous work – Gitanjali while at this cottage. A Trek to this point is not only special owing to this historical significance, but is accentuated further with the breathtaking views of the surrounding valley.

Fruit Orchards

Known as the fruit bowl of Kumaon, Ramgarh has a number orchards for a whole variety of fruits ranging from Apples to Apricots, from peaches to pears. While visiting, try and strike up a conversation with the orchard owners to see if you can get fresh pickings during the picking seasons.

Maheshkhan Forest Reserve

Engulfed by the dense forest of Kumaon, the Maheshkhan Reserve is located at an elevation of 2050 meters, 13 km from Bhowali and 19 km from Ramgarh along the Bhowali- Mukteshwar highway. The route to the forest reserve bifurcates near Shyamkhet, 8 km from Bhowali, from which point an unpaved road leads to right up to the reserve entry.

Mahadevi Verma's Summer House

Another treat for literature geeks in the town is the old summer house of famous Hindi writer Mahadevi Verma. The place, now converted into a museum, exhibiting some of her rare oil paintings, manuscripts, etc. also has a public library with books of various scholars.

Ancient Shiv Temple Malla Ramgarh

Also in Malla Ramgarh is an ancient and much revered Shiva Temple. The temple can be reached on foot over a trek and is frequented by locals, especially during festivals and on poornima (full-moon night) every month. 

Trails, Treks & Adventures

No getaway in the hills is complete without long walks along narrow trails or indulging in more serious trekking. The entire Nainital district as well as the Kumanon region, while being ideal for such expeditions also hosts a number of adventure activities, ranging from valley crossing, rappeling to mountain climbing.


The region of Kumaon is escially popular amongst nature lovers and birding enthusiasts in particular. Along with the Wildlife Sanctuary, the towns and villages around Binsar are also known to provide ample sightings of rare bird species.


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