6 Reasons To NOT Plan Summer Getaways To The Hills

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

“Oh the trails and tribulations of my unfulfilling urban life. When can I catch a break oh lord, and where do I go to find my inner peace - hills? Yes hills! Because hey I’m a hill person and lack the six pack abs to flash on the beach” - This right here is the psyche of the average city dweller planning a quick break from the urban chaos he/she cannot admit to love.

Summer getaways to the hills are just as original a travel idea as it is to go boating in Nainital. Here we've put together the top six reasons why one should NOT plan these getaways. Off course, if your reason for travel is anything else - we'd be more than happy to help you plan your trail around the mountains.

Aah the wonderful roads!

1. Party All Night – Party All Night – Party All Night – We do party all night!

If you’re going with a group of friends and boozing and shaking that booty is your idea of a fun affair, please do not taint the hills and the friendly locals. Tolerating your over-the-top expectations is enough of an effort for all and locals tend to hit the sack by 9-10 pm. Not only would you be making an absolute nuisance of yourself, you probably ruin the reputation of other more empathetic travellers who wish to truly explore the hills.

2. Because Holidays equal road trips and road trips equal a polythene fest

And polythene fests equal tons of plastic waste that you wouldn’t bother taking back with you to your wonderful city where it can be recycled.

One of the most daunting challenges facing the hill states of Uttarakhand, Himachal and J&K is the issue of plastic waste, brought to these serene places by seemingly harmless tourists such as yourselves. If you cannot collect and carry the waste back to a place where it can be properly treated, please don't bring hoards of them with you there in the first place.

3. Beta – Sweater Pehno (or any woolens for that matter)

We know you like to flaunt that down-feather jacket you got last year but only later discovered that Delhi (or even worse, Bombay) did not support the sub-zero temperatures that the jacket warranted! Let us let you in on a secret- Crowding the already crowded mall roads of Shimlas and Nainitals of the world with your fashion swagger is not going to move any eyeballs and during the day time, you will, in all likelihood, not need them whatsoever. They will however look wonderful in that needlessly overstocked cupboard of yours. Keep them there or if you really care, give them to someone who needs it more than you do.

4. Because Luxury!

It takes a hell lot of time, effort and human labor to bring even the basic necessities of life to the mountains. Even more when your go-to stays are the obscure places located on hill tops or river beds. The charm of hill vacations lies in warmth of its people and at being one with nature, not by staying in your bed and ordering room service continually.

5. Because my friends Happy and Santa can't stop raving about their last visit to the mountains

Listen up, whether you go to Manali, Manila, or Mahipalpur, you’re going to have a good only and only if you have a spirit of enjoying the unexplored. Not by trying to find reaffirmation of others’ travel expectations.

6. Because Hills mean Snow!

Soo Much Snow!

Sorry to burst your bubble but unless you consider Saichen as a hill station, there are hardly ANY places where you are likely to find snow during the months of April – July. If you’re lucky, a hailstorm may come by and hit you on the head to sort out these very realistic expectations!

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