Why Summers Are THE BEST Time To Visit Rajasthan

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

If we told you that scorching heat with temperatures soaring in the 40 deg + bracket, arid vegetation and an off-tourist season were ironically the ideal holiday scenario for true blood travellers in Rajasthan, you probably wont take us seriously. We've however put together a list of reasons why you should!

Unbound at Villa Sagat Raaso, Udaipur

1. Luxury stays at budget prices:

Summers are worse for hoteliers than for the AC addicted uncleji. While their fixed costs remain steady the drop in demand means a a drop in prices that can rival the pace with which Salman khan drops off his shirts.

2. Indoors by the day, outdoors by the night!

A wise hospitality brand (unbound) once said that a true traveller is the one who seeks not crowded shopping markets but quiet streets to explore the true soul of a place. While that exploration is can be too tempting to keep one indoors, it is best to enjoy the comfort of the air-conditioners through the day and step out post 4 pm.

3. Explore places without bumping into other enthusiastic tourists

Unless having a gazillion other tourists eyeing the same forts as you, waiting in line for a seat at the same restaurant as you, or photobombing your prized selfies is your idea of an ideal vacation, it is best to wait out the peak tourist months and pack your bags when others throng to the hills instead.

4. Rajasthan isn't just a desert, there are the Aravalis too you know

And the Aravalis are less demanding on your body and mind! While the days can get hot, it is best to step out in the evenings and while you are at it, visit some of the light and sound shows at famous forts or indulge in cultural performances by the locals.

5. Personalised Service & Experiences

Personalised Experiences

When you are one of the few people visiting the land from bahargoan (foreign lands), you get to special attention in almost all aspects of your travel. Use this! Wisely.

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